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How I Spent The Rent and started a podcast

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

After launching the Spent the Rent Podcast in early August, I decided I would probably need to set-up a website. Thus, strpod.com was born. The Spent the Rent podcast has been a very ambitious undertaking and has consumed much of my focus since its inception this past summer. By connecting with guests from a wide range of areas I am constantly on my toes. It is a tremendous honor that my (growing) audience has enjoyed the variety of each episode. When I started the podcast my goal was to bring a few of Eugene, Oregon's unique personalities to the stage and showcase their individual stories. Now on the heels of our 20th episode I am loving where things are heading. The positive feedback I have received shows me that the formula we have been using is working and I will continue to approach each episode with the same passion as the episodes that preceded them. Thank you all for the support and remember, you aren't having fun until you've SPENT THE RENT.

WANT TO START YOUR OWN PODCAST? A good place to start is with the Focusrite 6i6 bundle on Amazon (link below). It comes with a great audio interface (to hook up to your laptop or desktop computer). You will also need two AKG headphones, and two podcast mics (I like the Blue Yeti but the Focusrite comes with one Marantz mic which will be fine to get you started but you’ll need 2 if you plan on doing interviews). You will also need a DAW (music software). I prefer Reason but it is all preference. If you don't want to invest in a DAW right now you can create an account and record directly on Anchor.fm, the quality will be less and you will have much less editing ability but you can get started and upgrade later.

I posted some links below to some great tools to get you started for a very good price.

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