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Eugene, Oregon emcee you should already know about but might not, yet.

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Underground hip hop in Eugene, Oregon has always had a much different flare than the rest of the country. As the northwest prides itself on being humble, true to itself, and organic, emcees from the region are often a direct reflection of the culture. This is true for one of its most established veterans in the game but over the past two years, for him, something has changed. Maybe not changed so much as developed. Endr Won has been performing and recording music for over a decade but recently for fans in his hometown it would be impossible to ignore his growth as an artist and human being. Anyone who has caught his live performance would attest that he isn’t just your average hip hop emcee. His stage show is engaging, emotional, and inclusive. He has an uncanny ability of gripping firmly the souls of all who will give him their attentive eyes and ears.

With both a national and international Canadian tour, as an opener, under his belt his sights are now set on something bigger. His first independent headlining tour across Western America. In Eugene we already know why his performances are worth far more than the price of admission and the nation is beginning to be exposed to this truth. A quick look at his social media posts following a show will give you a taste of how affected the audiences become by his artistry. As Endr Won is doing something extremely difficult to do in hip hop, having crossover appeal. The types of people buying merchandise would be the first to tell you that hip hop usually “isn’t their thing” but with his message of personal growth, redemption, and self awareness the music seems to speak to them on a level rarely seen.

The love and support of his wife is a topic he often addresses on his very candid Facebook and Instagram Live video posts. As hip hop is flooded with examples of misogyny and toxic masculinity, this side of him is refreshing and inspiring. He would be quick to tell that it hasn’t always been this way for him, but that is what is so telling of his character and redemption story. He is known to truly “open up” via social media and show you a range spanning from personal frustration to hilarious. He will share stories of his young son and the joy of fatherhood and when the next door opens in his music career his excitement and the honor of opportunity is paramount. If you haven’t heard of Endr Won or if it has been awhile I strongly recommend you give him a look and listen.

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